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Lunt Roman Fort

This partially-reconstructed timber fort awaits you. Explore the exhibition in the granary and imagine yourself training horses in the gyrus - a feature not found anywhere else inside a Roman Fort.

The fort sits on a high plateau with a steep wooded slope overlooking the river Sowe. The site's defensive situation and its proximity to a crossing point in the river made it an ideal location for a Roman fort. The river would have provided a source of fresh water and the Forest of Arden supplied timber for building.

The Lunt is an excellent example of an early Roman fort and is the only reconstructed Roman cavalry fort in Britain. Based on the archaeological evidence on site, the Lunt's imposing wooden gateway and ramparts have been reconstructed to create a glimpse into the history of Roman Britain. 

Educational visits to the Lunt are tailored to the Key Stage 2 History curriculum, supporting your study of the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain.

For access to unique, online teaching resources about Ancienct Rome and the Lunt Roman Fort please click here. These teaching resources have been developed by Dr Paul Grigsby alongside Postgraduate and Undergraduate students of the University of Warwick for the teaching of Roman Britain at KS2 and KS3, and for enrichment at any level. The resources can be used in class or as homework activities and are structured to be flexible and fit your school's particular requirements.

See below for two unique videos that give you share this Roman Fortress via drone footage, captured by Firefly AI.

Explore the Lunt Roman Fort from Culture Coventry on Vimeo.


Lunt Roman Fort - The Romans Return from Culture Coventry on Vimeo.