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Roman Life in the Legions

Suitable for KS2


Discover what life was like in the Roman army, taking a close look at the Lunt Roman Fort and discovering the training and daily activities for the legionaries. Pupils will learn Ancient Roman vocabulary with this interactive and entertaining virtual workshop and have time throughout to take part in physical activity as they follow the instructions from our resident Roman soldiers, Rufus and Gnaeus. This workshop is ideal for enhancing the experiences of a physical visit to the Lunt Roman Fort, but also an opportunity to learn about this unique site if your class have not been able to visit before.

Breakdown of workshop:

  • Introduction to the Lunt Roman Fort
  • Discovering daily life for the Roman Army at the fort
  • Different roles within the army
  • A close look at the armour and weapons of the soldiers
  • Divide the class into groups to complete battle formations activity
  • Bonus activity to learn tradition Roman ball games for a cross-curricular link to P.E

The video lasts for a total of around 22 minutes and is divided into small chapters so that teachers can pause and carry out suggested activities and questions in-between.

The session is designed to be flexible in order to suit individual classes and timetables, and teachers may also decide to add their own activities.

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