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Coventry Timeline

Suitable for KS1/2


This cross-curricular workshop is ideal for teachers who want to track the history of Coventry through a chronological timeframe. Handling objects, including genuine fossils, Anglo-Saxon weaponry and Victorian watches, will help to bring the story of Coventry to life. Ideas for class role-play are included, and pupils will discover fascinating facts about famous Coventry people such as Lady Godiva, George Eliot, and the Specials.

Breakdown of workshop

  • Introduction of session to teachers
  • Session: Early Coventry Creatures and Cofa’s Tree; Anglo- Saxons & Lady Godiva; Medieval Crimes and Punishment; Industrial Revolution and the Victorians;  The Genius of George Eliot; The Coventry Blitz; Rebuilding the City; Football and Music.

The video lasts for a total of about 30 minutes and is divided into small chapters so that teachers can pause and carry out suggested activities in-between. Alternatively, teachers may decide to do some of the activities later.

The session is designed to be flexible in order to suit individual classes and timetables, and teachers may also decide to add their own activities.

Cross Curricular link: We are working in partnership with the University of Warwick and WMG. As part of the Coventry TImeline workshop you may wish to extend your learning by exploring the STEM based activties available through the Stitch in Time Project, which takes inspiration from Coventry’s textiles history. The project is support by HVM Catapult. 

Stretton Primary School taking part in the Victorian Cycles workshop, April 2021.

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