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Need for Speed

Suitable for Upper KS2


In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to learn more about the land speed record and understand the science behind Thrust SSC’s land breaking record success, including investigating ir resistance, friction and the properties of different materials.

The workshop consists of a short video with animations, and a simple board game with STEM based activities.

Breakdown of workshop:

  • Identify the effects of air resistance and friction
  • Explore material properties and the reasons for their use
  • Understand how to strengthen and reinforce complex structures

The workshop video lasts for a total of around 20 minutes and is divided into small chapters so that teachers can pause and ask questions. The STEM activities could be delivered after the workshop video, or teachers may prefer to complete the activities over a series of days.

The session is designed to be flexible in order to suit individual classes and timetables, and teachers may also decide to add their own activities.

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