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Arts Award at School

At Culture Coventry Museums we have developed an Arts Award Discover at schools programme for pupils aged 5-11.

As part of your classroom arts activities we can support your pupils to achieve their Arts Awards. The aim of our Arts Award at schools programme is that we can make things as easy as possible for you to fit in this qualification around your current planned classroom activity. Costs for moderation of the Arts Award costs £4 per child and is payable via invoice to your school.

FREE FUNDING SUPPORT: Until March 2022, we can cover the costs of moderation and certificates to help bridge the gap of cultural activity for children as a result of COVID-19 for schools with higher than average pupil premium*.

Arts Award is a nationally recognised qualification for children and young people and is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England. It offers a flexible framework for arts and cultural activities as well as providing motivation and recognition for young peoples’ achievements.  More information about Arts Award is online at


What do you need to do to complete the Arts Award Discover with your pupils?

To achieve Arts Award Discover level, children discover the arts around them, find out about artists and share their experiences with others, gaining a certificate at the end.

 The museums will provide:

  • Arts Award activity booklets for your pupils to complete, which you can download here.
  • Support via email, TEAMS or phone should you need to touch base with us about your Arts Award projects.
  • Moderation and supply of certificates for all pupils who take part in Arts Award, to be sent directly to your school upon successful completion of the projects. This costs £3.85 per pupil for groups of over 25 pupils, and will be payable via invoice from Culture Coventry, unless you qualify for free moderation*.

Optional extra:

  • To enhance your Arts Award you may wish to take part in our Virtual Arts workshops, which would provide you with all the information and activities required to complete each step of the Arts Award discover.


*Special offer using funding from Department for Education through Arts Council England. Funding Is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Subject to availability and only available for schools with higher than average pupil premium when taking part before the end March 2022, whilst funding lasts.


Arts Award Discover

To achieve this award, there are three parts of the project to complete:

  • Part A: Children discover the arts around them.
  • Part B: Children find out about artists and their work.
  • Part C: Children share their experiences with others.


Some preparation for teachers to get you class ready to participate in the Art Award:

  • Identify the classes/pupils who wish to take part in the Arts Award Discover.
  • Watch the short film for Discover level that introduces the idea that art is all around us. This is available on the Arts Award website:
  • Download the Arts Award at School activity booklets for use with your pupils, and read through this to familiarise yourself with the activities your pupils will need to complete.
  • Get started on your activity booklets and once complete, submit them and any other supporting work your pupils may have completed to:

    Lisa Ford, Learning and Engagement Manager
    The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
    Jordan Well
    CV1 5QP


You can also get in touch directly via for any further questions and support, or to submit work virtually.

After your projects have been submitted, the trained advisers at the museums will assess your pupils’ work and order your certificates.


Want to join in?

Simply get in touch with for additional support, finding out if you qualify for free participation and for us to track your pupils participation with Trinity College London.