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Exploring Sculpture

Suitable for KS1/2


This workshop enables pupils to see a variety of sculptures by famous artists in the Herbert’s collection including Jacob Epstein, Barbara Hepworth and Peter Peri. Children will be able to see how sculptures are made and will learn about a variety of techniques. Included in this session is a practical demonstration to show teachers and pupils how to make a clay model in the classroom.

Breakdown of workshop:

  • Introduction of session to teachers
  • Session (pt1): Sculptures at the Herbert: Carving, Casting and Modelling
  • Session (pt.2): Practical Clay Demonstration

The video lasts for a total of around 30 minutes and is divided into two parts. The first part is divided into small chapters so that teachers can pause and carry out activities in-between, or teachers may decide to do some of these later. These include practical drawing ideas and class discussions. The clay demonstration is the second part of the video and this can also be paused so that the pupils can follow this activity set by step.

The session is designed to be flexible in order to suit individual classes and timetables, and teachers may also decide to add their own activities.

As part of your virtual art workshop you can also complete the Arts Award Discover, where you pupils can achieve a nationally recognised qualification from Trinity College London. Click here to find out more.

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