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Meet the Experts

As you engage with the virtual content in this membership package you will encounter different members of Coventry Museum’s Learning Team. Here you can find out more about them, to help you and your pupils familiarise yourselves with the real people appearing on your screen.



Hi, I’m Brian. When I was at school (which is a very long time ago!) my favourite subjects were art and history.

So working at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is cool because I get see lots of great artworks and interesting historical objects everyday!

One of my favourite paintings at the Herbert is a landscape by a famous artist called LS Lowry - he comes from Manchester, which is where I originally come from too.

Nowadays, I love living in the Midlands and I have worked at the Herbert for 8 years. My job is Learning Officer for Schools, which is a posh way of saying that I teach school groups that come to visit us.

I'm looking forward to showing you some our amazing collections soon.



Hello! I'm Sarah, and I love finding out how things have been made and how they work.

I have a Ba(Hons) in Contemporary Crafts, I taught Design and Technology for 7 years, and have an MA in Museum Studies.

I love drawing, making things, gardening, and listening to Science podcasts!

I've worked at Coventry Transport Museum since 2017, and my favourite vehicles are the early cars because they have lots of beautiful details, like the headlamps.

I'm excited to share our wonderful museums with you!



Hello everyone. My name is Hareena, and I am the Family Learning officer at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

I get to invite children and their grown-ups, to play alongside our amazing artworks and captivating collections. I was born in Coventry and have grown-up being fascinated with the museum’s collections.

My favourite piece is the Coventry Sculpture by Peter Peri; it captures the people of Coventry coming together — playing, working, and rebuilding the city. I have a BSc in Human Psychology, where I studied child development.

Since then, I have worked with children in various contexts, ranging from sensory play to robotics.

I love play as a medium for learning and storytelling — inspired by my grandmother, who told me so many sensational stories and rhymes.

I’m looking forward to sharing our museums with you soon.



Hi everyone. I’m Lisa and I am the Learning and Engagement Manager for Coventry Museums. I have worked in museums since 2010, after completing my Fine Art BA, followed by my Art Museum and Gallery Museums MA, where I specialised in museum education. I love teaching children in museums.

They are full of unique objects, ever changing exhibitions and provide a really playful and exciting environment.

Play is at the heart of all the learning opportunities I develop, and its central to my home life too, as I have three very young children who keep me busy!

I’m Coventry born and bred and the museums in our city have always been a special place for me.

I remember visiting the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum when I was in year 3 and walking through the gallery full of Lady Godiva paintings and being amazed by it all.

What a dream it is to now work there.